Michal Tučný Revival Band

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Welcome to our website!

We are Michal Tučný Revival Band from the Czech Republic (Frýdek-Místek).

Our music performance is suitable for social and council events, festivals, clubs, company and private parties. Finally, we can also offer separate concerts.

Our concert is a memory of a great personality and unforgettable legend of the Czech country music – Michal Tučný.

Our music performance is 100% live! Our repertoire includes songs like Báječná ženská, Poslední kovboj, Snídaně v trávě, Prodavač, Tam u nebeských bran etc. All songs are performed in the original concept, keys and arrangements, including vocals. All members of the group are experienced musicians in modern country which Michal Tučný always promoted.

We do not intend to imitate Michal Tučný, nor his group Tučňáci, we neither copy his image or his mannerism. We play songs that are well known and which we grew up on. In order to illustrate the atmosphere there are roll banners with life-sized portraits of Michal Tučný installed on the stage. The displayed photographs have been authorized by Michal Tučný´ s family and for which we sincerely thank.


Lubomír Zalubil - solo vocal
Lubomír Piskoř - bass guitar, vocal
Lubomír Staš - electric guitars
Zuzana Needle Kovářová - violin, vocal
Ivan Adámek - akustic guitars, vocal
Michal Smolan - keyboards, vocal
Pavel Bruno Gross - drums